A day in the life of an Accra reporter

A Day in the Life: Prince Minkah from Robin Pierro on Vimeo.

Prior to leaving for Ghana to work at TV Africa in Accra for six months, I wondered what the daily routine of a television reporter here was like.

I mulled over how the days were going to be structured, whether the station would have the resources necessary for TV production, and if reporters would be passionate about human rights stories. My family and friends bombarded me with similar questions, but I couldn’t offer them anything more than my musings.

This video blog is intended to answer those questions, giving people an idea of what a day at TV Africa entails for most of the station’s reporters.

I followed Prince Minkah for a day while he covered two lead stories. The first was on a Ghanaian investigative journalist who recently released a documentary about corruption at the country’s main port. The investigator is rumored to have been paid by the government to complete the investigation and Minkah was looking into those claims. The second piece was about the development of a railway line in Ghana and the forced eviction of residents and shop owners on the land that will take place as a result.

Minkah’s thirst for exposing injustice is infectious. No challenge can stop this incredible 24-year-old from changing the world, one human rights story at a time. This video is the perfect example of what he’s capable of.

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About Robin Pierro

Robin Pierro has made a habit of dashing off to foreign countries to get the story. Before landing her placement at TV Africa in Accra, Pierro travelled to Kenya, Ghana and Peru to produce three independent documentaries. In Kenya, Pierro spent weeks living and working in one of Africa’s largest slums, working on her film The Voice of Kibera. Pierro’s current role at TV Africa is driven by her belief that journalists have the ability to empower, educate and evoke change through the stories they share. She graduated from Ryerson University with a degree in journalism and was honored with the Joe Perlove Award for the best student journalist in their graduating year.

2 thoughts on “A day in the life of an Accra reporter

  1. patrick odoyo

    Amazing work you doing Robin. I have watched all the clips you have been doing and amazing experiences you have had doing your thing. I know you are gaining a lot of experience as you enjoy your work. The bigger picture is letting the world know what is happening in other parts of the world. Keep the good work rolling!

  2. Filipe Leite

    So amazing to get a firsthand look at a Ghanaian reporter’s day from my computer in Toronto! Thank you for sharing Robin. Look forward to the next video.

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