Ghanaian Football

My first weekend in Ghana the IYIP interns directed myself and some of the other university interns out to Teshie to watch their friend play football.  Teshie is located in Greater Accra and due to the traffic we only made it for the second half of the game. The game was fast paced, and the players are very talented. The match we watched is two semi-professional teams: Accra and Teshie.

Football is extremely popular throughout Ghana. Many games of pick-up football can bee seen driving around Kumasi, and on the news bulletins at Kapital Radio, the sports broadcast is almost entirely football news. At this match, Ghanaians of all ages stopped by the pitch to watch the game, and the fans were very vocal. The coach even started to argue with some of the fans at the end of the game.

Having arrived just before half time we missed the only goal of the game, which was scored for the home team. Though our team lost, the trek out to Teshie was well worth the long taxi-ride, and our new friend enjoyed the large group of Obrunis (the term Ghanaians use to refer to foreigners) cheering for him.


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