Youth migration: Child labour in Malawi

Video and text by Denis Calnan

In Malawi today, jobs for children are shifting; traditionally, underage youth were employed on tea and tobacco estates. But now many are working in urban centres, hawking goods on city streets and in markets, according to a children’s rights advocate, Ken Williams Mhango, country director of the African Network for Protection and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect.

In this video, Malawian journalist, Terence Mwamlima, and Journalists for Human Rights reporter Denis Calnan investigate the presence of children in two urban markets. The report reveals that when child labour might is minimized in some sectors, it often increases in others.

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About Denis Calnan

As a chase researcher for CBC Montreal’s morning show, Denis Calnan would wake up, arrive at work and finish a story before most people leave the house in the morning. He’s now shifted his schedule, and his city—he’s working as an intern at Capital Radio in the heart of Blantyre, Malawi. In addition to working at CBC in Montreal, Calnan has freelanced for Canadian Geographic and worked for CBC in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador. Calnan says he “finds living in communities all over the world is a very satisfying way to live life.” He has hitchhiked across Canada and stayed in cities across Canada—all because he loves getting to know his “massive and diverse country.” He’s also worked in Ethiopia and Guyana with Youth Challenge International. Calnan has a journalism degree from King’s College in Halifax.

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