A word from Ghana’s oldest jhr university chapter

Danny Bannah, jhr-AUCC chapter president in Accra, Ghana. Photo by Laura Bain.

Text by Jenny Vaughan, audio by Angela Johnston

Jhr and Ghana go a long way back. We started working in the West African country in 2003 when our first training program was established. Today, the country is the source of scores of jhr’s success stories. One such success is the growth of the jhr chapter at the African University College of Communications, a journalism school in downtown Accra. The chapter at the school is the first established in Ghana, and continues to engage the community on critical human rights issues and the role the media plays in defending the rights of everyday Ghanaians. Most recently, chapter members teamed up with the student body and jhr intern Laura Bain to produce Faces of old Fadama, a magazine about life in Accra’s largest slum–home to 80,000 people who have limited access to clean water, health care or stable incomes.

Jhr’s Angela Johnston talked to AUCC chapter members about their reasons for joining the chapter and how their work with jhr will continue to inspire their burgeoning careers from years to come. Listen to the podcast below.

Angela Johnston talks AUCC-jhr chapter members

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About Angela Johnston

Angela Johnston says that she loves getting to the “heart of a story by finding the everyday people involved,” which is precisely what she’ll be doing for the next six months interning at Citi FM in Accra, Ghana. Before arriving in Ghana, Johnston spent more than two years working for CBC in Saskatchewan as a reporter for radio and television. As a general assignment reporter, she covered a wide range of stories, including a piece about stalking victims pushing to change peace bond laws and a feature about 90-year-old farmers putting in another harvest for the year. Johnston’s previous international experience includes interning for the CBC’s London bureau and working for a Canadian media program in Malawi. She is a graduate of Carleton University’s journalism program and has a Masters in media and globalization.

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