Vandals Defecate in Classroom

Children cleaning up after their classroom was vandalized

Students at Inchaban D/A Primary and Nursery School arrived to class Monday morning to find their classroom scattered with human excreta.
“I feel so bad and I feel so dirty too,” says a basic four student.
Classes were postponed while the students cleaned up the mess.

“When I came, I saw feces all around the place. They spread some on the tables and the chairs. I told them [the students] they should take out the tables, go and fetch some water and clean it,” says teacher Dorcas Entsewa Mensah.

An excreta wrapped in a black polythene bag was also found in a classroom cupboard where students keep their shoes and textbooks.

“It was in a polythene bag. They threw it through this window,” says Sophie Bosomtwe, a basic four teacher at Inchaban Primary, pointing to a busted window that can’t be locked. She says this is the third time vandals have broken into her classroom.

In December last year, fireworks were set off in the school after hours which burnt many textbooks, precious learning materials that still have not been replaced.

The headmistress of the school attributes the crimes to a lack of lighting on the school premises. “This is a free range for criminal activities. There are no lights and there is nothing going on here. So when it is dark and we are gone, the place becomes the property of whoever wants to use it,” says Helen Bogobly.

It is also against school policy to hire a watchman. School staff is appealing for this to be changed, so learning can continue.

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