Save Our Women International push for safe sex and abortions at Juaben Senior High School

Premarital sex, pregnancies out of wedlock and abortions are taboo subjects that carry a lot social stigma in Ghana. As a result, teenagers often engage in unsafe sex due to lack of knowledge and expose themselves to sexually transmitted infections. Pregnant girls usually resort to traditional remedies to get rid of unwanted pregnancies, putting their lives at risk and jeopardizing their long term health.  Save Our Women International (SOWI) is a non-profit organization aimed at remedying this situation through educational outreach campaigns to Ghanaian youths. They recently visited the Juaben Senior High School in Ejisu, a small town west of Kumasi, to speak to high school students about sex, abortions and HIV/AIDS. Students were encouraged not to be shy, to ask questions and speak to someone knowledgeable about sexual health and fertility-related matters.

Here is a portion of the event and an interview with SOWI Spokesperson, Justina Asofo Adjei.


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