Ghanaian Journalism Students Reporting field-trip to the Krisan Refugee Camp.

Robin Pierro with students before embarking on reporting field trip.

In May 2011, journalists for human rights educational officer Robin Pierro helped organize a reporting field trip with students from the African University College of Communications and the Ghana Institute of Journalism to the Krisan Refugee Camp in the western region of Ghana. The trip taught the students what human rights reporting is all about and gave them an opportunity to put their journalism skills to use.

The ten students were separated into groups and produced a video documentary focused on youth in the refugee camp, a radio documentary (with the help of jhr media intern Angela Johnston) about refugees being pushed into working as prostitutes, and four print articles accompanied by photos.

The trip was funded by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and the students spent three days working inside of the camp

Prior to departure Robin held a series of 5 workshops preparing the students for their visit to the refugee camp. The workshops focused on human rights reporting and reporting techniques such as interviewing, story structure, pitching. A large component of the workshops was also focused on documentary production.

Following the visit to the camp Robin continued her series of workshops to guide the students through the post production work on their stories and the documentary.

This video highlights some of the lessons they learnt about human rights reporting and journalism.

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About Robin Pierro

Robin Pierro has made a habit of dashing off to foreign countries to get the story. Before landing her placement at TV Africa in Accra, Pierro travelled to Kenya, Ghana and Peru to produce three independent documentaries. In Kenya, Pierro spent weeks living and working in one of Africa’s largest slums, working on her film The Voice of Kibera. Pierro’s current role at TV Africa is driven by her belief that journalists have the ability to empower, educate and evoke change through the stories they share. She graduated from Ryerson University with a degree in journalism and was honored with the Joe Perlove Award for the best student journalist in their graduating year.

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