On their mark: Ramp up to the 2012 Ghanaian Elections

With over a year left before Ghanaians take to the polls and ink their thumbs for the election ballot, major political parties in Ghana are leaving bigger and bigger bread crumbs behind them on their political trails.

In the past few months the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the New Patriotic Party (NPP), and the Convention People’s Party (CPP) have been galvanizing media and supporters as they attempt to posture themselves for the coming election.

A lagging CPP made history and appealed to Pan-Africanists across the country by appointing Samia Nkrumah the first female chairperson in Ghana’s history. Her father -Kwame Nkruham, Ghana’s first president – would be proud.

NDC – currently in power – is taking the proverbial high road by ignoring accusations of corruption, pooh-poohing defaming remarks from opposing parties, and generally trying to avoid adding fuel to the fire. Key word: trying.

Then there’s the NPP. Oh… they’re good.

They want John Atta Mills out, Nana Ado Ada in, and and they’re not being shy about saying so.
To be fair, the NPP party members can’t get all of the credit for making all the noise.

While they’re calling on God for support, one of their affiliates – the NPP youth group known as the ‘Young Patriots’ – are quite adamant about making their message known as well.

As I got off my tro-tro on my way to work recently, I walked through the Obra Sport yard at Kwame Nkruma Circle, and I heard a rumble in the streets.

I found myself surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of YP protestors, as they ramped up for a demonstration that would take them through the streets of Accra towards Osu Castle.

Their mission: to present Government with a petition and strong reminder that NDC does not have their vote.

A crowd of protestors descended on my recorder and aired their grievances:

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