Ensuring media proficiency and people’s participation in the 2012 elections

Ensuring media proficiency and people’s participation in the 2012 elections.

A one day forum on the rules of engagements with community radio stations funded by JHR was organized in Bo City on the 21st September 20012 by the Independent Media Council (IMC). 17 participants representing community radio stations, District councils and traditional leaders attended the session.

The forum was designed to ensure the preparedness of Community Radio Station managers for efficient coverage of the electoral process. It also prepared them for more dynamic engagement with people in order to increase awareness of the role of Community Radio stations to provide an independent space for dialogue.

The forum provided participants an opportunity to get a clearer understanding of the rules of engagement with community radio stations. It also provided an orientation on five of the revised Media Code of Practice “Guidelines for the Coverage of Political Party activities and Elections in Sierra Leone”. It was also a specific orientation on potential infringement scenarios during the elections.

The forum was aimed at improving people’s participation in the use of the media and improving the working relations between targeted stakeholders and community radio personnel.

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