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jhr interns make their news debut

In celebration of Kapital Radio’s 14th Anniversary on July 1, some of the off-air staff at the station were asked to read hourly news bulletins. For the 1 p.m. news bulletin, Chris and I were invited to read the news. In an attempt to impress our many Twi (the local dialect) teachers, we even learned an intro!  The bulletin we read was much shorter than the ones we help out with during the week, but it was a good chance to showcase the news-reading skills we have learned in journalism school.

For the anniversary the sports team had some fun and built up hype around a married couples vs. bachelors football match. The captains of the two squads were interviewed about their readiness for the match. Unfortunately there is no football pitch (large enough for teams of adults at least!) nearby the station so it is still unknown who would prevail in a battle.

To watch clips from our newscast, watch the video below.


Happy Birthday, Kapital Radio

Friday, July 1, was Canada Day.  It also happened Ghana’s anniversary, known as Republic Day.  But perhaps most importantly, it was Kapital Radio’s 14th anniversary, and we partied like it was 2011 (it is.)  One of the major focuses of the day was putting people on air who generally have no business being on air (for highlights of Leah and I stumbling our way through a newscast, check out her video blog).

Here we have morning show host Kwadwo, along with news editor Erastus and a former Kapital employee whose name I didn’t catch, engaging in some musical mischief while sports editor Ben provides the dancing.  Station manager NBY’s kids wrap things up with their version of a Kapital jingle.   Happy birthday, Kapital Radio.


Republic Day Lake Jam

While Canucks celebrated Canada Day, Ghana turns 54 years old on July 1, 2011. Luv FM’s twi platform, Nyhira FM collaborated with the Ghana Tourism Board, the Bosumtwi District Assembly and Platinum Consult to celebrate this auspicious day at one of Ghana’s most famous tourist attractions. Located approximately 30km south-east of Kumasi, Lake Bosumtwi is Ghana’s only natural lake and is considered a sacred site where dead souls come to bid farewell to the god Twi. From high noon till long after the sun set, the  Lake Bosumtwi shore was alive with music, dancing, games and high spirits proudly celebrating the nation’s independence.

Watch the video for a snippet of the event.


The song playing throughout the video is called Borga by Sarkodie