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JHR trains Law Enforcement and Justice Officials in Northern Sierra Leone


(Separate group discussions by the Sierra Leone police, Prisons officers and Local Courts Representatives).

During a three day workshop organized for Law Enforcement & Justice Officials (LEJOs) by Access to Justice, a local NGO working in the Northern districts of Sierra Leone, I was contacted as JHR/BBC Media Action trainer to facilitate a session on the Child Rights Act and the Three Gender Acts.

The session was intended to train 90 Law Enforcement & Justice Officials in the three districts with emphasis on the gaps as well as the roles and responsibilities of the LEJOs – specifically in dealing with access to justice issues and the implementation of the Three Gender Acts of 2007 and 2009 and the Child Rights Act of 2007.

The training attracted LEJOs from Bambali, Kambia and Port Loko districts including police, local and magistrates court personnel and prisons officers. The objective of the training was to increase the ability of women and children to access justice through the provision and strengthening of legal services by discussing the roles and responsibilities of the LEJOs.

It was a very interactive event and the LEGOs were impressed by the link between human rights, the media and other stake holders.