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On March 4th, JHR celebrated the great work of journalists and journalism students in the DRC in reporting human rights issues through the JHR Award

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JHR Trainer Ophira Horwitz learns how to fish through Sandy Lake's sense of community and family By: Ophira Horwitz   I was so excited to go

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Remaz Mussa investigated honour crimes using data journalism techniques he learned from JHR JHR-trained reporter shines light on violence against women   Remaz Mussa knows

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Reflection by Zein Almoghraby, Program Manager for South Sudan   As a media development professional, I always tend to establish a set of problems and obstacles

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Media & Civil Society: Protection Against Human Rights Violations By: Mohammed Shamma, JHR Trainer, Jordan   February 2011 -  it was a regular work day until

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According to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s full report released last December, media plays an integral role in advancing the narratives necessary to move forward.

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Join us on June 29, 2016 from 3:30 - 5pm at 333 Bay Street, Toronto, for the official Canadian launch of the Future of Entrepreneurial Journalism Lab! A partnership

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“When you give, you are not investing in 50 journalists. You are investing in millions of innocent people in South Sudan,” David de Dau, JHR’s program manager in South Sudan, said to 2015 Night for Rights attendees. Every single effort and decision made in that room, at the centre of a big city in a developed country, would give human rights an opportunity to root and thrive in a society thousands of miles away.

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My name is Hilary Doyle and I am a journalist and writer. In 2006, I travelled to Ghana for a six-month assignment with JHR. The

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